Company Background

Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic Systems (UCMAS) is an international educational organization globally recognized as a leader in whole brain development and mental arithmetic training. Founded by Dr. Dino Wong in 1993 in Malaysia, UCMAS Education Group has trained more than one million children in UCMAS Mental Arithmetic Schools around the world. UCMAS has gained in popularity and currently operates from over 5,000+ centres in 55 countries, including India, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Egypt, UAE, China and Australia to name a few. UCMAS was established in India in 1999 and quickly became the country’s leading pioneer of mental Arithmetic programs. UCMAS India is committed to equipping the new generation of future leaders with the skills needed to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive academic and professional environment. There are currently franchises across India in almost all the states with more UCMAS training centers slated to open in the near future. As a global organization, we are adeptly positioned to integrate eastern philosophies and western techniques with local trends in child development and training to adapt our educational methods to best benefit our students.


What is the UCMAS Competition?
The National Competition gives an opportunity and a platform for all our UCMAS students to showcase their proficiency in Abacus and mental math skills.

How does the competition work?
Each UCMAS student participating in the competition gets a paper ranging between 100-200 arithmetic math problems depending on their UCMAS level and category. They get a time of 8 minutes to finish as many problems as they can.

Who is eligible to participate?
All our UCMAS students of India. Each student participates in only one category.


  • An opportunity for UCMAS students to participate and to compete with all other UCMAS students.
  • A different arena for our UCMAS students to showcase their talent
  • Focused and targeted practice to further enhance students’ Abacus and Mental Math skills
  • A Participation Certificate and Medal is awarded for each participant in appreciation of their efforts apart from the Awards awarded for the winners.
  • Competitive and challenging environment
  • Merit awards will be handed over to 25% students participating in each category.
  • Trophies and certificates will be awarded to Champion, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Runner-up for each category on the stage.
A Global Organisation

A globally accepted concept from a professionally run organisation. A modern representation of ancient art of mental mathematics, a concept that originated in China but now popular all through the world.

An honour for India

U C MAS organization is a member of the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC - USA). It is a matter of great honour that India could secure Executive Director Council Membership of World Association of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic (WAAMA), a world body for the skill development education through Abacus.

UCMAS International

Global Presence and Standards UCMAS Mental Arithmetic is an established program that was pioneered in 1993 in Malaysia. Over a Million children in 5,000+ centres in 55 countries, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Egypt, UAE, China and Australia to name a few.